In the middle of the night I was up feeding Adlee in the living room because our other sweet daughter had made her way into our bed at some point during the night.

An hour later...Adlee was still awake.

Nothing prepares you for the tiredness that comes with a newborn. There is not enough sleep.There is not enough coffee. There is not enough time to catch up with everything that gets left behind because of the exhaustion.

However, there is enough love.

Somehow among the zombie moments of your life where you feel like you are barely holding onto any kind of sanity, you feel overwhelmed with an amazing amount of love.

I held that sweet baby.

I rocked.

I walked.

I bounced.

I cuddled.

I sang.

I had conversations with her.

Until I decided that my poor exhausted mothering arms could not take it any longer and my poor exhausted heavy eyes couldn't stay open any longer.

Then I went to get her daddy.

Because what is this kind of love if you can't share it? :)

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