May Golden Tote Review

I had some Christmas money still sitting in an envelope waiting for the perfect opportunity to spend it. For months I was eyeing Golden Tote and even joined the Golden Tote Trading Group so I could see what it was all about. 

There were a couple adorable dresses that we in the May tote. I passed out on the first opportunity to buy them. However, they restocked them mid-month. I couldn't help it. I had to buy a tote and see what all the hype was about!

It took a few weeks for it to come in...

I was ecstatic and when I saw it had been delivered on the Saturday, one week after having Miss Adlee, I made my husband run down to the post office to retrieve it before they closed! 

Some of you may be wondering what is this gal talking about? A golden tote? 

Golden tote is an awesome concept where you have two options to choose from. 

Option 1- $49 (2-3 items) In this option you get to choose one item that you want from their selection and then you also will receive 1-2 surprise items in your tote. Most of the time I see totes with only 2 items for this option in the reveals on Facebook. Shipping is an additional $10 on this tote. 

Option 2- $149 (5-6 items) In this option you get to choose two items that you want from their selection (which is an extended selection from the $49 tote!) and you will receive 3-4 surprise items. Shipping is free.

You can also do Add-On items. These range from $30-$45 depending on the clothing item. 

Golden Tote's clothing comes to around $26 an item and as a tote is usually more than a 50% savings, according to their website. 

I had enough for a $149 tote (squeal!).

First up is the Puella Swing Dress in blue. This was the first chosen item of mine. I love the aztec patterned panels on the side. This dress is incredibly soft. Currently with a one week postpartum body I would totally wear this! Swing dresses tend to be a bit larger and cover well. However several women are using belts around the middle to define their waist and it looks adorable! Bottom line...super cute!

I really loved the color of this dress and it's a keeper! This was my second chosen item. I've got to lose a little bit of weight before I can wear this one but the color is amazing. I also really need to start paying attention to some belts to purchase for these dresses. 

This was my first surprise item. It's more of a tunic length plaid button up and it actually fits me pretty well. I love the colors of this too. It's a keeper. 

I was so excited when I saw all of this color in my tote but unfortunately this dress did not work out for me. Too tight on the top. However, it's already headed out to it's new home thanks to the Golden Tote Trading group. :)

This top is waiting for it's forever home as well. ;) It's a really cute top, just not completely my style. Not a fan of the sheer panel that splits in the middle. It's incredibly soft though. 

This was my last surprise. The brand is Oat and Fawn. I found them here on Nordstrom's website. I couldn't believe that these retail and sell for $58. They are super cute and are a keeper as well. 

June's tote just went on sale today and I may have been working on selling some clothes locally and online so I could purchase another tote this morning...

I tweaked my profile a lot so hopefully my surprises will all be keepers this time around!

Gifting ideas for me from now on is a lovely Golden Tote gift certificate! ;)

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