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Our family had the opportunity to try out Nogii for the last month or so. I lost track of how long we have had them just as I have lost track of all the Nogii products. By losing track I simply mean they have somehow disappeared around here as my family has thoroughly enjoyed the gluten free protein filled bars and snacks.

Nogii is a line of certified gluten-free protein bars, protein powders and paleo bars. These products were created by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She is known as a Gluten-free mom, Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host and New York Times Best-Selling Author of "The G-Free Diet"and "Deliciously G-Free". 

These products are:

  • Free of high fructose corn syrup, trans fat and hydrogenated oils.
  • Made from high quality and sustainably sourced premium ingredients. 
  • Certified Gluten-Free.
  • Have balanced protein, carbs and fat.
  • Designed to fit a busy lifestyle. 

The entire line of Nogii products was sent to us to test out. 

Mom approved.

Kids approved.

Dad approved. 

Sometimes getting dad to approve of something is more difficult than getting the kids to! I know I'm not alone in that struggle as a wife. 

We try to watch our gluten intake and loved the gluten-free aspects of these bars. The incredibly high protein count was also amazing. The Super Protein Bars were incredible and really filled you up! There was one morning I could only get half of one down and the other half made a tasty afternoon snack. 

The flavors include mainly anything with chocolate. 

I may have squealed when I figured out that little fact. This chocolate lover really loves a product that appeals to my taste buds as well as to a high protein content. 

The sugar is a bit much in my personal opinion. Sugars is something I also have a really hard time limiting and these bars have a fair amount. The regular High Protein bars have around 14g of sugar per bar. While not horrible, I would love to see around 6g or so. 

As far as taste is concerned, the Nogii bars are amazing. My husband and I absolutely love the Chocolate Mint High Protein bars. It literally tastes like a thin mint cookie. My son ate up the snack bars that were chocolate and caramel. He asked for them every morning. He didn't get them every morning, but on the mornings he did he was really excited. 

If you are looking for a high quality, gluten-free, protein-filled bar I highly recommend trying out Nogii

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