Redefining the "Mom Standard"

Mom jeans.

Mom swimsuit.

"The mom uniform."

I'm tired of being boxed into defining my clothing as a choice for a "mom". I'm 25 years old, dang it. I may be a mom, but I am young, alive and I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. 

The idea that there are clothing items deemed appropriate for moms means there must be clothing people deem inappropriate for moms as well. I am not okay with this. Is this where our daughters start to see the insecurity in women?

I'm too old to wear this.

That looks like someone who is younger than me.

Well if I wasn't a mom, I could probably wear that. 

You know what...

I'm wearing it. 

I've seen all these adorable, cute clothes for this summer. I'm four weeks postpartum with my third child. Guess what? I ordered that stinkin' adorable summer stuff. You know why? I'm not going to allow the 20 extra pounds I have from birthing a baby to hold me back from allowing me to feel good about myself. 

Maybe someone feels that my shorts are too short because I'm a mom. 

My booty isn't hanging out. I feel comfortable. I feel cute. I feel confident. I like them. I don't feel they are inappropriate because they make me feel like a beautiful, young mom who is proud of the body I have been given and the babies that my body has given birth to.

Maybe someone feels that wearing a bikini isn't appropriate because I'm a mom. 

Bad news for all those who believe the bikini isn't meant for stretch marks, flabby skin left from growing babies and wait for it...the mom bod. I bought a bikini. Something that is cute and something that is my goal to get back into after this beautiful sweet baby I have last given birth to. 

I want my kids to know what the mommy body looks like. You know why? Because I am tired of the world's standard of what women have to look like in a bikini. I am tired of young boys and young girls getting the idea in their head that bikinis are for women that looks like Victoria's Secret models. Because the truth of the matter is, no one looks like those models. Not even the models themselves. Are they gorgeous women? You betcha. They are paid to look like that. If I was paid to look like that I would go to great lengths to make sure my body looked like theirs too. Our world has set up an impossible standard that our young kids are trying to meet up to and we have to break it. We have to show them confident women who are proud of the imperfections of their body. 

Maybe someone feels that the outfit looks to young because I'm a mom. 

Being a mom doesn't mean you automatically have to start wearing shapeless, frumpy clothing. Yes, maybe you want to wear some frumpy clothing when you are dealing with children who are throwing up or when you decide to go outside and play in those mud puddles with those children, but that doesn't mean you can't wear a dress that hugs those hips growing a child gave you. And if you didn't grow the children that you call yours, you are still a mom who can wear that dress that hugs your hips. Wear it proudly.

It's not about getting the attention of men. 

It's not about drawing attention to yourself. 

It's about drawing your own attention to yourself. 

Many times as moms we forget to take care of ourselves. We forget that we are important too. We forget that it's okay to spend some time on ourselves and to spend some money on ourselves instead of only buying everything for our kids. We forget to pay attention to ourselves unless it comes to recognizing our flaws and focusing on them.

Don't forget that just because you are a mom, it doesn't mean that you aren't a wife with a husband who loves to see your confidence shine. 

Don't forget that just because you are a mom, it doesn't mean you don't deserve to feel confident in the woman that God created you to be.

Don't forget that just because you are a mom, it doesn't mean you can't wear nice things and enjoy wearing clothes at any size that you are. 

The new "mom standard" I am setting for myself is confidence. 

So what if my stretched marked, mommy belly is seen because I am wearing a bikini?

So what if my curves given to me from housing a precious baby never shrink and they make my dress stretch out a bit more to the sides hugging those wider post-baby hips?

So what if my boobs have become saggy and I have to have them held up by a supportive bra or they'll hang down to my waist so my bra straps accidentally slip out from behind my tank top sleeves?

Am I suppose to stop wearing the trendy clothes because I am a mom and my body is not considered perfect by our society's standards?

Heck to the no. 

My new "mom standard" is embracing the mom body for what it is. Beautiful. 

I am beautiful.

I am confident.

I am a mom. 

A mom who wants her confidence in who God made her and how God made her to shine through. 

A mom who wants her children to see their mom's confidence instead of her insecurity. 

A mom who wants her children to embrace their own flaws knowing that they are beautiful because  of them. 

A mom who feels good about herself and instead of fretting over her appearance can embrace every aspect of the good life the Lord has blessed her with. 

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