Are You Offended?

I've noticed a huge trend on social media. 

Scratch that. 

I've noticed a huge trend in everyday life. 

People are offended way too easily. 

It's true. I have learned that you are not allowed to have an opinion that differs from anyone else. If you do happen to have a different opinion prepare to be unfriended on Facebook, ignored by people who once you called friends and your number of Instagram and Twitter followers to begin to deplete. 

We are only allowed to have the same opinion as everyone else. 

So people, quit thinking for yourself. 

Quit using your freedom to be a unique, free individual. 

Quit being the person that God created you to be. 

Quit. Just quit. 

Obviously other people know what is best for you. 

Obviously their opinion is the best so what good is it for you to think for yourself?

Besides doesn't all of that thinking become exhausting?

By not allowing yourself to have your own opinions and live your own life you are creating yourself all sorts of free time. You are allowing yourself to open up to have all sorts of friends. Fake friends, yes, but friends nonetheless. 

Isn't that what this country was created for?

Freedom of giving up and having a uniform opinion so we quit offending everyone else? Because it appears that everyone is offended at everything. 

Oh, you raise your children in that manner? Well than we cannot be friends. 

Oh, your ancestors hundreds of years ago had slaves? Well than we cannot be friends. 

Oh, you don't support gay marriage? Well than we cannot be friends.

Oh, you don't eat all organic, non-GMO foods? Well than we cannot be friends. 

Oh, you believe that 50 Shades of Grey is porn? Well than we cannot be friends. 

Oh, you shop at Walmart? Well than we cannot be friends.

Oh, you wear a bikini rather than a one piece? Well than we cannot be friends.

Oh, you don't take creamer in your coffee? Well than we cannot be friends.

Okay. Maybe I haven't heard the last one, but seriously people. How ridiculous does all of this sound?! 

Quit. Being. Offended. 

Are we so weak that everyone's opinion on everything matters that much to us? 

Are we so distracted by everyone's opinion that we do not see the big picture?

Are we so ignorant to believe that everyone should have the same opinion as everyone else?

Believing in the same thing as everyone else is not unity. It's conformity. 

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2. NIV


The Word rules. 

By conforming to everyone else's opinions and not having your own, you are not able to live out God's will. 

Does that offend you? 

There is not apology for you here.

There is freedom. Freedom to have an opinion. Freedom to follow a mighty God. Freedom to let His will be done. 

Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. 

So Happy 4th you all. Exercise your freedom. Quit conforming. Be a light in this dark world. Don't be offended by others unless it truly is offensive. You know, like burning the flag. 

Red. White. Blue. Stars. Stripes. 

These simple things on our flag symbolize freedom. 

Fly it high. 

Celebrate freedom and for heavens sake, let others celebrate their freedom too without being offended.

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