Crazy Spending Freeze

Lately I've been purchasing a lot of new items for myself. I took about half of my closet out, sold many of those items and repurchased items that I felt were more my style. It's amazing how your style changes, but I am feeling much more comfortable with my closet. 

I became aware that I was purchasing a lot. 




New Bags. 

I still have some on its' beautiful journey to me! UPS and USPS love me lately. 

Bryson has been super disappointed that none of the packages have been for him. Sorry bud. Momma has been spoiling herself. 

I've been wearing all my new cute clothes and even wearing dresses on normal days. What is a stay at home momma doing in such nice clothes? Taking care of herself.

I feel so comfortable and love dressing up a little bit more than my normal yoga pants and tank tops. However, the spending has got to stop for awhile. 

Sure, I sold a lot to purchase my new items...but now I just want to buy. all. the. stuff.

It will surely turn into a budgeting problem for me so I've decided to take a moment and freeze. By a moment, I mean three entire months. 

Cue the freaking out. 


I am going to have to muster up some real willpower. 

No new clothes.

No new shoes.

No new jewelry.

No new bags. 

No new anything that this woman will wear on her body. 

This is going to be hard for me. I love searching deal sites. I feel incredibly comfortable in my skin even a month postpartum so new clothes sound so good to me after being pregnant for 39 weeks! I am a little unsure how I am going to do this but I am going to make the best attempt possible. 

I know I will wear the clothes I have.

I know that I will save some serious cash.

I know that I will be able to accomplish a lot more around the house because I am not distracted by shopping. 

I know that I will find better ways to fill up my time. 

I know there will be times that it will be incredibly tempting to buy something. 

I'm going to have to fight it. 




I will conquer you. 

Anyone want to join in? ;)

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