Creating a Childhood

I'm standing in the kitchen. Completely surrounded by dirty dishes, clean dishes that need put away, toys on the counter and the task of starting supper. 

I begin to feel overwhelmed and then I hear it. 


Not just any laughter. 

The kind that is filled with immense joy and excitement. 

It's my son. 

My husband had filled up the kid's little pool and let it warm up over the afternoon. The girls are both napping. A rarity around here to have two kids sleeping at once. 

I quietly slipped over to the window unnoticed and watched my husband and my son playing together squirting each other with water guns. They continued to laugh. They continued to enjoy. 

People always long for more in life. I do it. I'm always reaching for more

But today, there is just right now. 

This beautiful moment in time to absorb the love and fun I can feel in my soul between my husband and my son. This beautiful moment where I realize the mess does not matter. This beautiful moment where I breathe in and remember that my husband and I are giving our kids wonderful memories. 

Do the dishes need to be done? Eventually. But our nights are long when our children are sleeping peacefully with their heads filled with imaginative dreams that maybe we helped create in our laughter during the day. 

Does supper need to be prepared? Yes. However, we've also had our share of cereal nights instead of taking the time to prepare a meal when time could have been spent giggling and living in make believe worlds. 

Lately I've been realizing between the to-do's, the daily chores, the distraction of technology and the distraction of being overwhelmed I do not take the time to enjoy, laugh and absorb. I have to remind myself to stop. I have to remind myself to let go. I have to remind myself to put that phone down. I have to remind myself to focus on making those wonderful memories and helping create a beautiful childhood. 

So here's my reminder and maybe it's yours too. 

Embrace your kid's childhood. 

Let them live in laughter, love and fun while they can before the world robs them of their innocence. Before the world overwhelms them. 

Right now you are their influence. Right now you are who they look to for inspiration. Right now you are their world. Don't disappoint. Don't create in them an empty heart. Don't create in them a longing for something different than the beautiful childhood they have right now. 

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