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I never post all the photos that I take of my children. I already share so many of them and I can visualize the eye rolls and hear the whispers about how I post way too much. However, I know that there are many family and friends who do not get to see my family or converse with me often. They seem to appreciate everything I have to share and well, I like to share. Being open, honest and vulnerable is something I just do and it just so happens that I also have the cutest kids around. Husband and I are just good at making babies. It's a gift. 

With that being said I've decided to start posting photos I take on our "good camera" more often because again, I like to share. 

So here we lately! 

We caught Remy eating sand out of a bowl under the table outside. She does like to pretend that she is a dog so perhaps she had created some pretend dog food? She wasn't happy when we told her no and took it away. Lots of tears. Lots of screaming. Lots of what you expect from a two year old girl who didn't get her way. Well, one could probably expect that from a girl of any age. 

Bryson loves making faces for the camera. Don't worry no mothers were harmed in the capturing of this photo. Although, he did happen to get me pretty wet while I wasn't looking. Stinker. 

Remy picking her nose and Bryson trying to steal the limelight. Pretty normal day. 

She's adorable, I know. That little Newborn Boppy Lounger she is well..lounging on, was one of the best purchases this time around. We use it every single day. 

These two like to stand by the back door or the front door and proceed to yell GO! Which sends them both running crazily after each other screaming. It's great fun, don't ya know? 

This girl may be part tomboy, but she still loves her baby dolls or dinosaurs. It depends on the day. Either way, we have a stroller for anything she happens to want to push around that day. 

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