Life Lately

I'm going to refer to this as Remy's edition of Life Lately because she ended up in a good portion of these photos. 

Life has been crazy lately. Adlee isn't wanting to be put down. The kids are getting stir crazy. I think Bryson will be more than excited to head off to Preschool in a few weeks for part of the day and they will be incredibly excited when the little girl who stays with us in the mornings during the school year begins coming again. 

But it's life. It's full. It's frustrating. It's fun. It's awesome.

Clearly it's awesome. Adlee is trying to fist bump you all...

Remy has been obsessed with her little computer lately. She actually can sing quite a few letters in the alphabet now thanks to the annoying little songs that it too loudly plays. And is it just me or are her feet looking huge?

She likes to "help" with the laundry these days. Yes "help" is in parentheses for reason. Her help consists of destroying my folded piles of laundry and hanging out in the laundry basket. 

Bryson is starting to help with small chores around the house. He brings his laundry and the girls' laundry to the washer and loads it up for me. I put in the detergent and he knows what buttons he is suppose to push to get it all going on the correct settings. He also can help break down recycling. These children have got to start working around here to help me keep my sanity. 

Puzzles are a huge part of our day every day. Both of my children love puzzles and I know Remy's love stems from Bryson's obsession with them. My mom bought this awesome set for Bryson for Christmas and they are both really good at it. Lots of color and shape learning plus fine motor skills to place those pieces on the wooden designs. I love watching these two together when they are getting along. Not so much when they are screaming at each other. 

One day they wanted to play with water. I was too lazy to get the little pool out. Yep. Too lazy. However this bucket filled with water came in handy with lots of different cups and watering cans. They were happy. I was happy. White plastic bucket for the win. 

And little pony tail buns and denim shorts on my girl are one of my favorite combos for the summer. 

This is what happens when you refuse to take naps for a few days. You end up crashing where you sit. If only moms could do that...

This girl is incredibly pretty. I love her dark thick hair and her pretty dark blue eyes. I love her to pieces. We are sure in trouble with having two pretty girls. Good thing they have a big brother! 

Also with the craziness of life comes the lack of cooking around here. I found a sweet deal on some food delivered right to your door!

Try out Home Chef. If you go through my link you get 2 meals delivered to your door for $9.80! Sweet deal indeed! Now I don't have to plan two meals out!

We are having steak next week. Nice!

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