The Girdle

We had family pictures last night. I'm seven weeks postpartum. Of course I knew I wouldn't look exactly how I wanted to look. I've got twenty five pounds to lose and do not look like I did before I became pregnant. Obviously. 

However that doesn't mean I want to look pregnant in our family photos when I am indeed not pregnant. I want to feel my best and feel confident in myself in our photos. Enter in the girdle

You guys...this thing truly pulls you together however it will cost you. 

It costs you your ability to breathe. 

I thought I would die and wondered how in the world women in our past history wore those dumb things daily. I would much rather breathe than have the waist the circumference of a pencil anyways. Those ladies were cray cray. Do people still say cray cray or is that trend over now? I probably should start keeping up with these things for the sake of sounding hip with my kids rather than making them turn as red as a tomato. I may actually prefer the tomato scenario though. 


Family pictures were my idea. Family pictures right after having a baby were my idea too. My children going from 1 to 2, 3 to 4 and not even thought of to 7 weeks old is kind of a big change in our family and I like to keep things photographically documented. 

So girdle it was and girdle I did. 

I didn't breathe for about two hours by the time I put it on, took family photos and took it back off. 

That is when I decided I never wanted to wear a girdle again. 

Enter in the exercise and trying to control what I eat. 

Three kids is hard ya'll. Seriously. I have good intentions of eating good and then I don't have time. I shove a Snickers bar down my throat or better yet those delicious dark chocolate covered blueberries. Oh wait...and then there were the donuts. I inhaled a few of those suckers. 

There is no time. There is so much stress. And those of you who know me, you know I absolutely love food. For those who do not know me, I absolutely love food. 

Especially chocolate. And donuts. And sugared up coffee drinks. 

The thing is I believe the feeling is mutual because my favorites like to stick around with me. Like on my hips, my tummy and my booty. I don't really mind the booty but the hips and the tummy? C'mon! Why can't they just give me a better cushion to sit on? 

So here I am stuffing my face with whatever stress reducing foods I can get my hands on which actually just ends up causing me more stress because the baby weight is not coming off. Which should be a duh moment but instead I just shove more food in. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided if I couldn't quite control my diet at least I was going to get my exercise habit back. I threw on some shorts and a tank top and got ready to get my PiYo on. I located my PiYo DVD's and my yoga mat. Opened up the case and guess what? The first DVD is missing! It's gone and I freak. That first DVD is crucial. I spend thirty minutes searching for that DVD. I open every single DVD case that we own. Nothing. I know it is somewhere. It has to be. I search the two DVD players we own and open up my computer drive. Nothing.

I decided to ordered the program again today. I'm sure that means on the day it arrives on my doorstep that I will locate the precious lost DVD. So for those of you looking to start PiYo who live near me I'll have a killer deal on the program soon. 

So what started as a simple girdle and making sure I felt good in our family pictures has now turned into a mission. A mission to never have to wear one of those tight, ridiculous things that truly had to shorten the life of many women in the past by not allowing them to properly inhale and exhale fresh air ever again. 

I know my journey will not be perfect. The peanut butter filled chocolate chips in my freezer are screaming my name. I know, I know. I have a problem. But I am doing this. Goodbye Girdle! I will never ever allow you to suffocate my precious body again. 

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