The Kendall Kids: Comedy Edition One

I was chatting with a friend on Friday. After a story about Remy she said to me I hope you are writing these things down! 

I thought to myself...

Why haven't I?!

My kids are fairly hilarious. Okay. They are wildly hilarious and even in the times where I feel that I am going to break down as a mom one of them does or says something that makes me laugh and forget how stressful the day had become. Because in the end it's the little moments and my kids make up millions of my little moments that make my life full. 


Bryson is very adamant that no one wants to see his wee wee. Yes. We have dubbed it the wee wee in our household. He is also very sure to tell us who in our family has a wee wee and which ones of us do not. We go through the list at least once a day and it includes more than just our immediate family. Sometimes it includes friends and their parents, so sorry about that. 


He had just gotten out of the shower and was all wrapped up in a towel. I was trying to pick out his clothes for the day quickly. His towel was slipping. 

"Mom! Hurry!" Bryson exclaimed. 

I finally settled on an outfit and turned around and his towel had fell down. 

"No one wants to see my wee wee!" Bryson said.

"Your wee wee doesn't bother your mom." I quickly replied so he would stop freaking out. 

"No, but daddy's does." Bryson quickly quipped back. 

Not sure that's true since we happen to have three kids in five years...or maybe it is true because we have had three kids in five years...but anywho...

While we are on the topic of wee wees we better jump over to Remy's story for the past month or so. 


Remy is very curious as to how big brother pees in the toilet. We are at the stage where she mimics every. single. thing. he does. Truly. He walks one way, she goes. He does a weird little jump, she jumps too. He yells at mom, she yells as well. Some days it's hilarious and some days it's not so much fun. Especially when you are the one being yelled at. 

So she watches him daily and being a four year old he announces when he has to go potty every chance he gets. So, of course, she announced that she has to go potty as well. 

She stands and watches. 

Then it's her turn. 

She is convinced that she can pee like Bryson and she is also convinced that he must pee out his belly button because where else would it come out where he gets to stand up like the toilet like that?

So she pulls her shirt up as high as she can and tucks it under her chin. She then proceeds to stand on her tip toes, stick her belly out as far as she can over the toilet rim and exclaim I DID IT!

Yes little girl. You sure did.

Potty training is sure to be fun with that one. 

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