We Will Fly a Blank Flag of Nothingness

I am not a political person.

Actually, I like to steer clear from anything that has to do with politics. It seems when everyone begins talking about anything that has to do with politics the ridiculousness of people I thought were decent people escalate.

Did I just say that?


But it's true!

I've never seen such heated debates than when it comes to politics.

Scratch that.

Politics and religion.

People unfriend each other. People call each other extremely hurtful names. People say incredibly offensive things intended to offend others. It just gets plain ugly.

However, I'm done being so silent on the subject. You may wonder why and maybe you don't, but either way I'm done being silent.

The silent ones have been run over.

The loud ones are attempting to destroy our country.

Yes. I said it.

Destroying our country. 

However it will not be the evil ones that end up destroying this country. It will be the ones who stood in silence and never did anything to stop the evil.

We have allowed our country to become one not of the brave but of the offended. 

It's entirely true.

We are scared of offending everyone. So we have decided to just accept everything and stand for nothing. Everything goes.

Oh...you aren't a citizen of our country? That's perfectly okay. You can vote for our president anyways. We will also see what we can do to give you free money from the hardworking citizens of our country so you can live without working.

Oh...you are completely offended by Christianity so want us to persecute it however keep freedom of religion for whatever god you decide to serve? That's perfectly okay. Persecute away, even if you aren't a citizen of this country.

Oh...you don't like our constitutional rights? That's perfectly okay. We can see if we can get some of those rules changed for you. They are a little old anyways and times have changed. Oh, you aren't a citizen of our country either? That's okay. We'll do it anyways.

Dang right times have changed. This is not the same country it was even 10 years ago.

You want my opinion?

We have become weak.

If we stand for nothing, we will fall for anything.

We are. We are falling for every. single. thing.

We will all argue each other until we are blue in the face and at the end of the day we do not accomplish anything because we will try not to offend anyone.

This post doesn't start out with no offense. I'm done with seeing no offense on everything. If people are offended by this it's their own problem. I'm not writing it to offend anyone. I'm stating my opinion because we were given freedom of speech. However...

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