5 Ways to Save Money Online

Amazon Prime

We utilize Amazon Prime almost daily. For $99 a year it's a contender for the best $99 a year that we spend. 

Subscribe and Save. This is one of the best services I've used online. Being able to buy several items at a 15% discount plus use their online coupons plus have it delivered straight to my door, yes please. I save money and time. My subscribe and save products are constantly changing depending on what deals there are to be had. I rarely buy toilet paper at the store anymore or baby wipes unless there is a mega deal. Last month's Subscribe and Save consisted of toilet paper, wipes, clif bars, make-up, coffee pods, larabars, apple chips and some vitamins. Next month is a totally different spectrum of items. 

2 Day Shipping. This is an incredibly, amazing perk of Amazon Prime. I use this weekly and I'm always happy to receive items that I can't get to without driving 90 miles delivered quickly right to me for free. 

Amazon Prime Instant Video. Hello Dora all day, every day. We do not have cable or satellite. It's something we cut to save money and have money to spend elsewhere. We use the Kindle Fire Stick and watch cartoons via apps and Amazon Prime. Oh yes, and some shows for the parents too but we all know it's the cartoons that matter. 

Amazon Prime Music. I normally use Pandora but sometimes I like to switch things up and I love having tons of music to choose from for free to listen to. Pandora is great but sometimes you want to choose what you listen to. 

Amazon Lending Library. I have zero time to read these days but if I did I would appreciate this feature. You can borrow one book a month and there are over 800,000 titles to choose from. 

Zaycon Foods

If you have a husband there is a 99.9% chance that he prefers when your meals are mainly meat. Mine would probably prefer if the entire plate was covered in meat and nothing else. I always try to buy good quality meat because it's important to me that I feed my family the best that we can afford. We have absolutely fallen in love with the quality of meat that we are able to purchase on a budget with Zaycon. Before I would have to watch sales at the store and hope that the good stuff would be marked down to a decent price. We have purchased the best, biggest chicken breasts for $1.89 a pound, 93/7 ground beef for $3.99 a pound, bacon wrapped pork fillets for $3.99 a pound and Polish kielbasa sausages for $2.79 a pound. It's not just the price, it's the quality. They only sell high quality, healthy food.

If you'd like to test it out, use this link! It's my referral link, so help a thrifty momma out!


Shopping online is probably my #1 hobby. I'm not afraid to admit that. I am awesome at finding the best deals online and it's even better when every three months I get a Paypal deposit from Ebates rewarding me for my deal shopping. There is no catch besides making sure you go through their website before you checkout to get money back in your pocket. If you like extra cash laying around or padding up your Paypal account then you are very much missing out if you do not use Ebates. My checks are usually between $20-$70 every quarter. This depends on deals I found online, the percentage back they are offering and referrals. It's great coffee shop money for me which is my weekly treat for surviving motherhood. I've made back $280 through Ebates to date. 

Discover Card Cashback

If you opt to use a credit card for your shopping, which I do. Discover Card offers an excellent cash back program. I always compare the percentage between Ebates and Discover Card and go with whatever site is offering the best deal. Around the holidays Discover Card sometimes ups the cash back to around 10% from some deal sites. Plus in your everyday shopping for food, gas and living expenses you can make cash back by using your credit card. 

If you sign up for Discover Card Cashback through a specific link I can e-mail, you will receive $50 bonus cash back! Just comment with your e-mail and I will send you the link. Pinky promise!  


Print. Those. Coupons. We do not subscribe to a newspaper for coupons. I always search online for coupons to print before going to the grocery store. Technically this is a way to save in store, but it starts online. Saving money on groceries is one of the best ways to begin trimming down your spending. Go here to start printing out coupons for your next grocery shopping trip.

My biggest tip. Don't buy items *just because you have a coupon!*. 

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