Handpicked By God

I came across this quote this week from Lysa TerKeurst...

We may be overlooked by others but we are handpicked by God. 

Have you ever felt like you have been ignored? Or are ignored?

Whether it's social media or in person. Whether it's done intentionally or accidentally. Whether people truly do not like you or whether they simply do not want to interact with you.

It seems trivial.

I know.

However we are made to be emotional creations. The bible mentions every emotion under the sun at some point and many emotions over and over again.

Laughing, mourning, weeping, worrying, cheerfulness, rejoicing...

We are made to feel emotion. Our natural reaction is to use those emotions to try to understand how people feel. Feel about themselves, feel about situations, feel about you.

There are so many times I feel overlooked by others and I know I am not alone. Other people are chosen. Other people are liked. Sometimes you are left out. However, God has never left you out. God chose you. He handpicked every little part of you for a reason. 

Your meekness. He chose that.

Your creativity. He chose that.

Your introvert personality. He chose that.

Your extrovert personality. He chose that.  

Your loud mouth. He even chose that. 

He chose it all whether other people like or dislike the different traits that you have been given. We are all unique and we are unique because of God.

People can make us feel downright awful about ourselves. 

People can pick you apart and make you feel like you need to change bits and pieces of yourself in order to be chosen by other people. 

Do not change yourself.

Do not conform to this world.

Do not allow others to make yourself feel like you are not good enough. 

You are more than good enough. You were handpicked by God. 

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