When the Bad Days Aren't the Bad Days

Do you ever find yourself polishing off a frozen pizza and a package of chocolate cookies at the end of the day and wondering was it really that bad of a day?


Just me.

Well...anyways. That is where I am sitting right now.

Was this day really that bad? And if it wasn't, how am I going to react on a day where it really is bad?

The day wasn't that rough, but my husband was gone for the evening. A HUGE high five to all of you single moms who are navigating this motherhood journey! I thought I was going to pull my hair out by the end of the day. The house was a mess. My kids had watched too much television. They refused to eat their supper. My oldest cried for his daddy. My youngest pulled on my hand to take her to the rocking chair to be rocked to sleep. My back ached. My mind was numb. I wanted to check out for the day.

I couldn't.

This is the part of motherhood that sometimes gets extremely difficult.

We cannot choose our break times, if there is even a moment in the day for a break.

We cannot decide to just leave. Our little ones are counting on us.

When I sat down at the end of the day I realized what I thought was a bad day wasn't really a bad day after all.

Oh sure. I was feeling it, but I knew that I had much worse days in the past and I would have much more difficult days in the future.

I was simply tired.

Tired of having no energy left for myself.

Tired of not being able to do anything that I love to do for myself.

Tired of constantly being questioned, pulled, told to sit down on the floor, folding laundry, piling up dishes in the kitchen sink that I knew I would have to wash eventually and just living the everyday life of being a mom.

No one said this was easy.

No one said every day was going to be full of smiles and laughter.

No one said you were going to feel like you'd be supermom of the year every single day.

However, no one really told you why the bad days would be the bad days.

They told you that you'd be tired.

They told you that you'd have to let some things go.

However, no one told you of the pure exhaustion of your mind, body and soul. How you would begin to search for something to fill you back up. How you would begin to wonder if you'd have a free moment to do anything that you'd like to do. How there would be days you wanted to just give up and let the chaos take over.

It happens.

However, the days that seem bad sometimes really are not the bad days.

Laundry can be washed another day.

Dishes can wait until the morning.

Toys can be left out.

Those windows you haven't washed for months can be left for another month.

Your children cannot be put on hold.

You cannot be put on hold either.

Ten minutes.

Give yourself ten minutes.


Take a shower.



Just breathe.

Do something for yourself.

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  2. "Okay. Just me." Lol! Love this, Shelbey! So very true, way too often! I'm right there with you. Different kids, same crazy. I can tell because I'm pretty sure - and I may be wrong, but - I believe you referred to Remy as your youngest. I've definitely said, done, thought, experienced the same things (and still do). Hang in there! We'll make it! And definitely do something for yourself! #threekids #takemetothelooneybin


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