Blogger Review: Rainbow Light Kid's Power Sours

Life has been chaotic lately and as many moms know this also means that we need our families to stay healthy. No time for sickness. No time for sniffles. No time for anything that will create more crazy chaos in our lives. 

We are all busy enough. 

Enter in Rainbow Light kid's multivitamins. 

I have been looking for a vitamin that meets my preschooler's needs as well as one to replace the ones I always just purchased at the store that had (pause for effect) high fructose corn syrup! The struggle is already great enough to limit unnecessary junk in my kid's life I really didn't need his multivitamin contributing to it. 

Right away Bryson was excited to check these out and eat a packet. 

Check out those dirty hands. We are an active family so we need a vitamin that can keep up. 

He picked to try Bear Essentials first but I love the fact that the Power Sours have extra Vitamin C for even more immune support which we all need during the "sick season". 

Rainbow Light Power Sours and their Bear Essentials Multivitamins provide necessary support to promote healthy bones, brain and eyes all while contributing to balanced energy. As a mom we are always wanting to casually steal the energy our rambunctious children already have but they need a good vitamin to keep that insane energy balanced out. 

These vitamins are free of gluten, wheat, milk/dairy, soy, nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, yeast, artificial additives and preservatives. I don't think I need to say anything about that except awesome

Bryson loved getting his packets of vitamins every day. The packets keep the vitamins fresh and they are also really handy to throw at your kid as they are running by you. In case you like to throw random things at your children. I have no experience on that...

If you'd like to read up more on Rainbow Light and the products they have to offer visit their website and/or their Facebook page

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