Healthy Habits for a Healthy Home: Video One

Today we are exploring two different ways that we have incorporated healthier living into our home within the last year and last month. 

First of all we have changed our DIET. 

This one is so vital but so stinkin' hard. We have began to eat the Trim Healthy Mama style. My husband has been able to cut down on his medication for his ulcerative colitis and I have lost 10 pounds in one month. This lifestyle is the real deal. You eat good food while learning how to put new nutrition in your body that heals you!

Second of all we have been using Young Living Oils for over a year now. We love our Young Living oils but in the video I explain how we use Young Living (and now sell it!) while explaining that we did supplement with other oils from other companies during our hard budgeting transitions. Money is tight and I totally get that. I'm not going to push you into only using Young Living oils even though I think they are the best quality but I can also give you experience on other brands and where you can start if money truly is an issue. 

I get it. I don't want anyone to struggle financially while trying to adapt their lives to healthier habits. Do we have to learn to re-budget so that we can begin to heal our bodies and our families naturally, yes. However I don't want you guys to feel pressured into making a ton of the changes at once and have a financial, emotional, physical or spiritual struggle! 

Email me. 

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I want to help because I know that changing over to healthy habits is overwhelming and I want you to succeed. 

Happy weekend everyone!

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