It's Sniffle Season!: Some Home Remedies

The sniffles are upon us you all! My girls have already had runny noses with huge sneezes that result in the usage of handfuls of tissue.

I laugh every time I wipe one of my children's noses because my sister cannot handle boogers, snot or anything that projects out of the nose. I pray for her kids. Pray for their ability to wipe their little noses all over her.

That's true sisterly love right there.

Anyways, back to the sniffles.

Let's talk about some home remedies to either prevent getting the sniffles or helping with the sniffles once they've let out a full force attack our your precious little family.


First I suggest locking yourself inside your home and refusing to make any sort of physical contact with the outside world. I'm okay with that for the first few days and then the kids start to drive me crazy and I turn into a mom that yells a lot, doesn't shower and only feeds my kids stuff that can be taken out of a box. It just isn't good for anyone.

Since that isn't the best of ideas...


Or really any good, natural source of Vitamin C. These little things are so cute plus awesome because kids can peel them all by themselves and I don't have to worry about feeding them. You can decide whether that is lazy parenting or teaching kids independence. I really don't care.

There are many ways to get Vitamin C into your system naturally. Oranges are just the sweetest and juiciest. I used to snack frequently on radishes when I was in high school. I swear those spicy things that gave me gas and made me burp like a very unladylike sixteen year old girl kept me healthy. Later on I decided to do some research and found out how rich in Vitamin C they really were. I was amazed!

The food we put in our bodies can heal us or hurt us. The healing ones do not always win out in the taste department but it is what it is.

Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother.

Make sure you buy the one with the mother because everything is better with a mom! But truly, there are more benefits in apple cider vinegar if the mother is included.

ACV has a ton of healthy benefits to it. The "mother" gives this stuff even more benefits. The "mother" is strands of proteins, enzymes and good bacteria.

So why drink this stuff to keep sickness away?

ACV keeps your pH levels balanced. A balanced pH level in your body makes it harder for germs to settle in. If your body is alkaline you have a less likely chance of catching all the flu and cold nastiness that is floating around.

Make sure you dilute the stuff though! It is extremely bitter and acidic!

Raw Honey.

I love this stuff. Maybe it's because I've cut out sugars in my diet but honey is pretty much the bomb.

Honey contains antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that fight any virus you may come up against. It boosts your immunity, which will hopefully prevent any colds from settling in in the first place.

However, if you do catch a nasty virus honey is great for soothing sore throats.


My family will never be without this miracle essential oil. I adore this stuff.

Thieves is a combination of clove bud oil, lemon peel oil, cinnamon bark oil, eucalyptus leaf oil and rosemary leaf oil. It smells like Christmas and it keeps Christmas flu free.

We diffuse this stuff almost daily during the fall and winter seasons.

Thieves is meant to support healthy immune function and I feel it does just that. At Thanksgiving my grandma was congested. I took my diffuser and Thieves over to my parent's house for the day to diffuse because I do not want my family to catch any sort of sickness if possible. I plugged it in almost as soon as I got there and did not know that my grandma was congested. She pulled me aside later and told me she needed a diffuser and whatever I was diffusing because soon after I had started diffusing Thieves her congestion went away.

If that isn't a testimony the powerful way that Thieves can work I don't know what is. Seriously the best stuff.

You can order Thieves by signing up here OR you can sign up for a membership with an awesome Premium Starter Kit. Email me for more details:

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