A Blessed Momma Not a Stressed Momma

As I sit here writing this I am guilty. 

Guilty of the worldly Christmas.

Guilty of worrying about all the wrong things.

Guilty of allowing picture perfect ideas to create a haze over the real moments. 

Guilty of feeling stressed which resulted in allowing my children to see a frazzled mom. 

Guilty of irritation that my kid's won't simply pick up their toys three days before Santa is suppose to arrive. 

Guilty of giving into the rushed spirit of Christmas instead of taking a thankful, slow approach. 

What I am about to say is just as much of a lesson to me as it is a reminder to you. 

Let's open our lives, open our hearts, open our mind to a grateful Christmas. 

The other day I showed my kids Santa's Facebook page. Yes, Santa has a Facebook page and I've been a follower for a few years. I'm one of Santa's biggest fans. I properly shared this love of Santa with my kids. Santa made a Facebook post about making sure their toys were picked up so he didn't trip and stumble over them when he delivered their gifts on Christmas Eve night. 

I secretly shrieked with joy as I read the words out loud to my kids. 

Praise the Lord! Santa you are good! Maybe now my kids will pick their junk up off the floor!

The last couple of days I have reminded my kids over and over again about Santa's Facebook post. My kids are awful about picking up. They come up with every excuse not to do it. 

This post worked for ten minutes. 

Ten entire minutes. 

I've gotten so irritated over my kids not appreciating their toys and not picking them up and putting them away. I accidentally have broken countless toys from them laying on the floor after tripping over other toys. Most days I feel like I live in a very poorly run toy store. 

So today was the day. 

December 23rd. 

My house looks like the Grinch came and tried to destroy my home to steal my Christmas spirit. 

And that he did until this afternoon. 

We've had unusually warm weather this Christmas season. Warm enough I knew I wanted to take the kids to the park. As most moms of three little kids know...this is a huge ordeal. It usually causes me more stress trying to get around, keep the kids happy at the park and avoiding meltdowns when it is time to head home. 

I got around. My husband helped grab coats and shoes before he left back to work from his lunch break. My crew was all ready. We headed to the coffee shop and I got my coveted Peppermint Stick White Chocolate Mocha. No it's not sugar free but SO worth it for the season!

We proceeded to the park and I had fun with my littles. 

Then it hit me. 

I had been so frustrated. So irritable. So worried about the trivial things that I was not taking the time out to enjoy the Christmas season with the kids that I adore the most. 

My kids were not going to remember if they couldn't get to the toilet on Christmas day because the laundry piles were such huge barrier it was lost among them. 

My kids were not going to remember if the dishes were piled high in the sink.

My kids were not going to remember if dust fell off the ceiling fans because mom had continued to forget about doing it. 

My kids are going to remember their momma.

Was their momma smiling and laughing? Was their momma carefree and enjoying Christmas? Was their momma giving them hugs and loving on them? 

Sure I love a clean house.

Sure I prefer to have the picture perfect home for Christmas morning when we all come out of our rooms and see if Santa has been here. 

But I also prefer my kids knowing that their momma was happy and grateful and excited. 

I prefer my kids to remember their momma with a smile on her face and loving words rolling effortlessly from a heart that bubbled with so much delight she could hardly contain her excitement of the holidays. 

I am a very grateful mom. 

I know that the Lord has blessed me greatly and I want my kids to understand and see that blessed mother, not the stressed one. 

Merry Christmas! 

Go love on your kiddos! 

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