Goodbye 2015

2016 is almost here.

We are going to hear about goals, words, desires and more in the next coming week. You'll hear it from me too! Bloggers gotta blog.

I'd like to reflect back on the year of 2015 because it was a good year. A year of graciousness and a year of growth. A year of love and a year of laughter. A year of frustration and a year of simply making it through day by day. A year that I am so entirely grateful for.

The most monumental moment for 2015 happened on May 30th when my miraculous body brought forth Adlee Brynn into the world. Every birth is different. Every experience memorable. Every contraction filled with love and pain and every push filled with God's glory. God made the part of labor filled with His mightiness. How else could such a miracle of growing and delivering a child occur?

When I saw her my eyes filled with liquid joy, hope and strength. She was everything I prayed for and more. God delivered.

This moment also brought forth the words it is done. 

I think mothers know when their body has completed the wonderful gift of growing and bringing forth babies into the world. When Adlee Brynn made her appearance I knew that my body was done. My heart was full. My purpose for the miracle of life fulfilled.

And now she is 7 months old. Can we all just have a moment of silence for the passing of the infant stage that will never grace my home again?

As sad as it is my home is now filled with her bubbly baby giggles and squeals as she discovers something new. Usually something she isn't suppose to have or that brother or sister took from her earlier.

In August we saw our firstborn head off to Preschool.

I'm still not sure how this happened but I didn't cry. 

My heart exploded with such happiness for him. He was so ready to go. 

Bryson is my shy child. He's my introvert. He's tenderhearted. He's all his mother. 

The other day we were in the car on our way to our big Christmas gathering and we told the kids there would be lots of people there. 

Remy informed us that she loved people. 

Bryson told us that he liked people too but sometimes people can be mean. 

My heart broke and connected with him at the same time. He has experienced some heartache this year due to people and the fury that filled me frightened my own introverted self. 

I like to think that I am a pretty nice person but I realized that when my kids are hurt I have some very "not so nice" thoughts that pop up in my mind that is scattering for any way to avenge my child. 

Oh, motherhood. You always seem to surprise me!

Back to preschool...

Bryson was so ready and I have loved seeing him slowly blossom into the beautiful soul that I get to experience daily. 

He is already talking about Kindergarten next fall. Mainly because it includes lunch and he gets to drink chocolate milk every day. 

Bryson and Remy both tumbled into Gymnastics this year. 

Toddlers in leotards have got to be one of the cutest sights that a parent  person has ever seen. 

Remy is my crazy child and I love her for it. She has done pretty well at Gymnastics and even though there are many days she does her own thing, she's awesome. She is only two and it is called Creative Movement so she definitely moves to her own tune in her head every day. 

I love her fierceness and her confidence. 

Bryson finally was able to do a somersault this year. Last year he struggled with it and I can't really blame him. I never liked those things as a kid and again...he's my child. 

I finally convinced my husband to let our family get a puppy. 

Soak in this sweet face...

Miss Aurora has managed to destroy the entire backyard by her sweet little self. 

My beautiful begonias and sweet potato vines in this photo behind her...mutilated. 

The kid's trampoline in which they loved to spend their summer in...torn to shreds of plastic blue which may or may not have been found in dog feces laying around the yard that is now a landmine of stinkiness. 

The toys. Oh the toys. They have been used as relief for a puppy's poor aching gums. 

I'm not sure what her victim is next but I am positive that nothing is safe out there. 

All joking aside she will be a very good dog. She's gorgeous. She's smart. She just lacks a lot of discipline lately because quite frankly the kids are scared of her monstrous paws and her vampire like teeth. 

In case you were wondering...we will rebuild. 

There were so many more highlights in 2015. 

Little girl's dresses that spin, Bryson's art show, my new love of wine, our two year old putting together 48 piece puzzles by herself, family trips to the coffee shop downtown, trips to the zoo and so much more. 

We soaked in the little moments just as much as the big ones. 

Praise the Lord for the amazing year of 2015!

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