Let's Talk Oils: Why Young Living

I've been using oils for over a year now. 

Using is the key word. 

I signed up for a premium starter kit with Young Living. I wanted the diffuser and the 11 oils to try out and see how they could help our family. I didn't sign up to sell or share with the world. I wanted to just use them and see how they could help our family. 

Fast forward a year. Fast forward into healthier habits. Fast forward into the idea that my healthier habits could help us pay for our oils and become a possibility for an extra income.

Most families that I know are looking for a way to supplement. It's the way our economy is. It's the way that prices keep going up on things but paychecks do not. It's the way that I realized why can't I do something more?

I don't like to promote something that doesn't work. 

I don't like to share something that isn't worth it. 

So what makes Young Living worth it?

Most people that I hear complain about Young Living is the prices. 

Ahem....I was one of those. 

Why should I pay more for these oils than ones I can order off Amazon?


I've tried Plant Therapy after much research. I do think they are a good company but I do not think they are Young Living quality. I have noticed a significant difference between the effectiveness of my Plant Therapy oils vs my Young Living oils. I did this before I decided to start sharing about my Young Living life. I really wanted to make oils super affordable for us. Silly me, now I am getting my oils free or close to free! The potency is just better with Young Living. 


Read this wonderful research done by Grace in Oils. 

I would re-write it all out for you but she did an excellent job and as a time savvy momma of three....I'll let someone else do the talking for a couple minutes! 


As if the potency of the oils is not enough for you, understand that Young Living has their own farms, their own distilleries and does all of their own work from plant to oil. Literally from the Seed to the Seal (which is what they are all about!). They know exactly what is in their oils. They grow it. They distill it. They bottle it. They do not buy from all around the world and re-bottle it in their own small bottles with their own cute little labels. Young Living is the only company to do this! 

I'm all about one of a kind and knowing that the company I support is part of the process from the very beginning!


They are an MLM (Multi-level Marketing).

Most of you would like the scream and run away at this point. 

Here is my take on MLM's. They are beyond amazing. You aren't investing and paying into a big box company. You are literally supporting hundreds of families just like my own little family of 5. It's like supporting small businesses but in this awesome network where it trickles upward and pays for food on a family's table, dance lessons for a little girl, clothes to accommodate a growing boy and so much more. 

You may look at a company like Young Living and want nothing to do with it because it is an MLM but I'm telling you that supporting MLM's supports families. 

I like to know that my money is supporting an important cause.

Would you like to try out Young Living for yourself? 

The most awesome way to start out is to purchase a premium starter kit yourself. 

You will receive a diffuser and 11- 5ml bottles of essentials oils to try out yourself. The starter kit costs $160 plus shipping and tax. The savings on this premium starter kit is huge. The kit is worth over $300. 

Sign up HERE or email me @ shelbeykendall@gmail.com .

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  1. Shelbey, I am also looking at DoTerra. I believe they used to be once company that split. On Young Living is there a monthly min. that you need to purchase? I really believe in essential oils.

    1. For some reason this just came through to me! So sorry for the late reply. Yes they are a company that split. I can message you all the details. No monthly minimum unless you decide to do Essential Rewards to earn back free oils. :) Young Living is the ONLY company that has their own farms to control the product from seed to seal. It's really cool. I've enjoyed learning a lot about the process. :)


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