Just Be Nice

I wish people could just love instead of hate.

I wish people could just accept instead of reject.

I wish people could embrace rather than push away.

I wish people could praise instead of judge.

I wish people could follow instead of unfollow. 

I wish people could admit their own mistakes instead of blaming someone else. 

I wish people could  just be nice to other people. 

It seems like such an easy concept when you say it. 

Just be nice. 

And yet, it's one that people struggle with all of their life. 

It's sad really. Sad that we can't learn to encourage one another, love on each other, support each other's life journeys, give high fives instead of demeaning stares and show each other the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ. 

But we struggle. 

Oh, do we struggle. 

I've judged others and I've been judged. 

I've pushed away and I've been pushed away. 

I've rejected and I've been rejected. 

I've unfollowed my own friends just as I have been unfollowed by my own friends. 

I've blamed others just as I have been the blame for someone else. 

I've hated and I've been hated. 

It's this awful cycle. A cycle that continues. A cycle that people will not always admit to. Who wants to admit to being an unkind person? 

I mean...I just did, but I also strive to be honest and authentic.

And the thing is you can say you've never done any of the above but listen...I am fully aware that there is only One who is perfect and it's not you. I don't mean to be harsh but it's just the truth. 

If you are a parent you preach to your kids daily to be nice but we forget to take that simple advice to heart ourselves. When I think about the things I tell my kids I think to myself how plain that advice sounds, but if we can't take the plain advice ourselves can we really elaborate much further? 

Be kind to others. 

Be patient. 

Pray for others. 

Say nice things. 

Don't whine. 

Help others when they need help. 

Be thankful. 

Be happy with what you have. 

Do nice things. 

Be honest, don't lie. 

Be happy when others are happy. 

Do you see where I am going with this? 

If we say these things to our kids the words will only carry so far. It's our actions, our lives that truly preach to our kids. They watch us. They hear what we say. They absorb everything. 

If we are living our lives being nice...If we are living our lives trying to bless others... If we are living our lives to support people... If we are living our lives to praise one another instead of judge them....then our kids will start this entire new wave of kindness. 

And just in case you didn't realize it...You can now love people's post on Facebook. So go spread some love! <3 

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