Hello There...It's Been Awhile (Self Growth + Grace)

It's been forEVER since I've poured my heart out, shared my life or just rambled on here on this beautiful blog. I haven't forgotten about you wonderful people out there that enjoy reading what I have to say I've just been in a lot of self-reflection and a lot of self-growth. 

You all. 

I've been really working on myself. 

Definitely not my home. 

If you came into my house you'd wonder what the heck happened. 

Side note...I guess I said "What the heck?!" a lot because recently my husband and I have noticed or son using the same phrase. (head slap!) 

Self-growth is never easy. We can say it is but I truly believe we are just at that oblivious stage where we are like "I am GOOD! I have finally found myself where I want to be! I've got this life thing figured out!"

Well I was there.

I quickly got tripped up and landed on my face. Hard. 

Good times. 

I began to realize that I had been in self denial and then came up with this realization that as long as we have breath in our lungs we will be working on self-growth because we are all broken, sinful people! It's how this whole life thing was intended to be. 

If we were never broken and sick would we ever turn to the ultimate Healer for help?


It's not always fun to admit that we don't have this life thing together. We live in this world where social media depicts basically perfect looking lives. There are a few that are realistic but we are all bombarded to an extent with other lives that look more put together than ours. 

I do this all of the time. 

I know people who look at my newsfeed and think "that girl has it together!" and I laugh because I'm doing the same thing with someone else's newsfeed who is probably doing the same thing with someone else's newsfeed and so on and so on until we are all driving ourselves crazy. 

People have their homes put together and gorgeous photos of their decor and cleanliness and I look around my house with puffs and toys spread out all over every floor and surface with the laundry mountains forming in random places around the house among the paper piles because I don't have a good organizational system going on and I laugh and then judge myself.  

Get yourself together Shelbey! Why can't you just clean?! Organize some stuff! C'mon! That woman has three kids and she's got this. Why are you such a failure?!

Oh no. I pulled out the failure word on myself and then it's a spiraling roller coaster ride going way too fast all the way down. 

I do the same thing with working out and my fitness goals, my Young Living business, my parentings skills, my ability to kill every growing plant known to man and pretty much everything else in my life. 

It's not worth it you all. NOT worth it. 

Once you get on that ride it is very difficult to get off and it's not a fun ride. You won't be begging to get back on and take another turn once you figure a way off. 

So this month I've focused on not stressing out and working on my self growth. It's not that I haven't freaked out about anything. Oh no. I've freaked. Just call up my husband and he'll give you an ear full. 

But I totally recognize self-growth and the fact that I will always be on a journey towards a better me and that has changed everything. 

Ask for help. 

Ask for prayer. 

Ask for encouragement. 

Ask for love.

Ask for grace. 

Give help.

Give prayer. 

Give encouragement. 

Give love. 

Give grace. 

To yourself and to others. 

This journey is one filled with so many beautiful, broken individuals just like yourself and we all need to support one another instead of tearing each other down. 

Our journey of self growth is not a road we take ourselves even though the majority of the participation comes from within ourselves but also from those that we can lean on, confide in and share our lives with. 

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