In this disease to find more have we actually created a generation of less?

There are moments when I am completing an everyday task that my mind begins to wander.

Today I was washing the dishes.

The suds had covered my hands. The rain gently fell outside. My son was hugging my baby girl tightly saying “Good Job Adlee!” as she had put a magnet on the refrigerator door all by herself. My oldest daughter was taking care of her baby doll that was running a fever.

How simple.

How simple but full.

Full of life. Full of joy. Full of purpose.

Then my eyes wandered about the room that was full of stuff.

Full of things that are unnecessary but believed to be needed.

Full of things that we are told are useful but are actually useless unless we actually put them to a purpose.

Full of things that clutter our lives and fill us with chaos. Chaos of a life where we have been taught to need more.

Then my mind wandered further.


More, more, more.

We have always desired more.

Not just this generation but generations before.

We blame this generation---my generation and the generation preceding mine for an addiction to social media, to our phones. But you know where this addiction stemmed from?

The desire for more.

Generations before me desired more and more.

They built an empire full of more.

We created more until we are now here.

What do I even mean by this?

We kept going after more because what we had at that exact moment wasn’t enough.

Technology wasn’t enough.

The speed of our internet was fast enough.

The way we could connect to the internet wasn’t enough.

Logging into a computer to access the interest wasn’t enough.

Our phones were not enough…until we created apps.

The apps aren’t good enough, we have to improve on those daily.

The updates.

The changes.

The constant state of more and not being content with what we have now.

It’s a disease.

We blame my generation.

We blame the teenagers that do not look up from their phones to utter a word.

Why do we blame them?

Why do we blame the ones who know no different than what they have been taught?

The saddest part in my wandering today…

In this disease to find more have we actually created a generation of less?

Not less stuff.

But less work ethic.

Less desire to do.

Less want to find purpose in the simple things around them.

They want more---but not more of what we used to try to attain.

They want more apps. They want to click a purchase button and a drone drop it off on their porch step within an hour. They want to control their surroundings with one touch of their finger on their phone.

I don’t want to my kids to succumb to the disease we have created ourselves.

As my mind wandered back to my children laughing as I pulled the drain and watched the bubbles swirl down the sink I realized I want more.

More life. More laughter. More purpose. More work ethic. More desire for love and hope and a beautiful, hard earned future with my family. I want more because God can provide us with more. But I don’t want more stuff. I want less.

I want less focus on my phone. I want less focus on the stuff that clutters my home.

Can we find freedom in less while attaining more? 

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