DIY Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

I've been making these sugar scrubs, using them and giving them away like it is Christmas around here. They are incredibly easy to make, are really affordable and your skin feels so, so soft! I'm in love with them and I know you will be too. 

This is all you need. 

Coconut Oil
Essential Oils. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy as my son would say! 


1 cup granulated sugar.
1 cup coconut oil.
20-30 drops of essential oils. 


Mix sugar and coconut oil together until creamy. I use my stand mixer and I whip it on 5 for about a minute. Drop in your essential oils. Whip for another minute. Spoon into jars. 

This recipe makes two 8 ounce jars. 

For this certain recipe I wanted a citrus but floral smell to it for Mother's Day so I did 5 drops Geranium and 20 drops of Orange. Young Living's Geranium is very overpowering and for me smells better in smaller quantities which is why I did much less of the Geranium than the Orange. Depending on your coconut oil too there may be a very strong coconut smell to it. 

Speaking of coconut oil can we just sing its' high praises right now?! Oh how I love this stuff. It truly makes your skin so soft. WARNING: It does make your bathtub very slippery. I'm letting you know and you let your husband, kids, roommates or whoever else shares your shower know. Trust me. You do not want a disaster on your hands because you forgot to warn them that you greased down the tub with your sugary scrub awesomeness. They won't think it is so awesome. 

In the end you'll have two jars of an incredible sugar scrub. One for you. One for a friend. Or both for you. I'm not judging. 

Want some more suggestions on some amazing combinations?

Want to smell a mojito?

Peppermint and Lime are your best bet. This amazing combination with some coconut oil could make you feel you are off on a beach vacation. Yes please and THANK YOU! 

Lavender and Lime is one of my favorite combinations for this scrub. It has that relaxing smell of Lavender with a little zest of Lime. SO good! 

Of course you can't go wrong with some basics like Lavender and Lemon. This is a perfect combination for multiple gifts. 

Want the ultimate way to melt that stress right off of you?! Stress Away and Lavender. AH-mazing! 

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