DIY Deodorant

Have you checked your deodorant lately? Sure. Maybe it keeps you from sweating, but did you know that we were created to sweat for a reason and that by clogging up our pores with nasty chemicals we are actually creating more issues than solving a stinky one?

It's true. 

Did you also know that once you detox from the chemical deodorants you actually sweat less? 

Also true. 

Prior to my natural deodorant solutions I used to have to roll that clinical deodorant on at night and then put on "normal deodorant" in the morning. I sweat horribly and was terribly smelly. 

Enter in the detox and finding a natural solution that simply works for me...I sweat a lot less and don't smell as badly as I used to. What?! 

I know. It's nuts. Deodorant is one of the last things I ever wanted to switch over thinking that I needed that clinical stuff. 

This DIY is easy, affordable and you probably have everything in your kitchen! 

Oh yeah...other crazy side note. It WORKS! 

So you are probably just wanting me to get to the recipe so you can test it out yourself...

DIY Deodorant

6 tablespoons coconut oil
4 tablespoons baking soda
4 tablespoons cornstarch or arrowroot powder
10 drops of Purification
10 drops of Tea Tree

Mix it all together. It's not complicated. Spoon it into an 8 ounce jar and there you have it! Deodorant. I just use my finger to apply every morning. If it's a super hot, windy, nasty Kansas day I sometimes reapply in the afternoon. However I don't have to do that very often. 

Feel free to customize it to your liking too. Maybe you would like a floral smell or some citrus. Use some of your favorite oils to make you smell good! I love this combination. It's clean and well...I just feel I need to purify my pits. 

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