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Working out is on my priority list but let's face it...momma's priorities aren't always at the top of the list. However, I love having cute workout clothes because it makes me feel pretty while wearing my colorful yoga pants and wiping boogers off my child's face. Then when I get a chance to workout everyone likes to ask where I buy my fun stuff and I'll be the first to admit it always feels good to feel like you have some awesome fashion sense to pass on. 

There were these adorable pants I kept seeing from Fabletics and so after finding a coupon I decided to buy an outfit with these fun, crazy leggings. 

I purchased the Garibaldi outfit (these leggings are no longer available in this outfit BUT they have some adorable new selections. Hello Black Tie Dye...I want you!). 

How fun is the back of this Aviana top?! It's super soft and I love the more open back because working out is often sweaty business. Plus it's a really fun feature for spring and summer. 

The Salar leggings are also really soft and comfortable. I also like that the waist isn't too low. Momma has to keep that stretched out tummy pulled in. They'll be perfect for my PiYo plans this summer. I'm still working on that bikini bod.

The Maya sports bra that came with the outfit is also surprisingly supportive. I say surprisingly because usually I have to wear 2 sports bras if they aren't the pricey, supportive ones from Victoria's Secret. I wouldn't want to do a lot of bouncing in it but it's perfect for some low impact exercise. 

Overall I am really impressed with the quality of Fabletics and I'm super pumped to have these colorful leggings. 

Want to try Fabletics yourself and get your first outfit for only $25?! 

I thought so.

Go HERE to get in on that $25 price tag! 

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