Girl's Room Gallery Art Wall

I am questioned often about my decorating. Mainly, "Can you come decorate my house?"

The truth is I have a really sweet love for buying all. the. pretty. things. I have a hard time going into a store and not wanting to come out with something new for our home, but we wouldn't have any living space if I did that. We'd be buried under home decor. 

The girl's room has been one that I've changed around in the last few months to have a more neutral, natural feel with pops of pink, coral and turquoise. I want something girly, feminine and a little bohemian. Nothing too loud or crazy! 

I'm obsessed with gallery walls and will be the first to admit that they are quite tricky. Buying the right items that flow together as well as different shaped items so not everything is blocky and looks the same takes a careful eye. I love different elements and different textures. 

I think it's important to find things that you love and could see your children growing with. Hobby Lobby is one of my most favorite places to browse for home decor items. I don't get to go very often but when I do I want to throw everything in my cart. Many of the items on this wall were purchased at Hobby Lobby. 

But let's go back to textures. I wanted some natural more earthy touches so I picked a lot of pieces that had that natural wood look. The arrow, the framing on a couple signs, the big "&" between the metal letters all feature wood. I also adore dream catchers and finally splurged on one I'd been eyeing for months which adds another dimension of texture and fun to the wall. 

As soon as my eyes fell upon this unicorn while I was perusing the aisles of Target with my Starbucks in hand I knew it would be perfect for the girl's room. My husband laughed and loved it too. It's adds a touch of whimsy and dimension to the gallery wall. 

I decided on metal letters to add another texture to the wall. These were inexpensive. Half off at Hobby Lobby made them $5 each. It personalizes the wall a little more and adds a lot of character. 

Can you blame me that I wanted this dream catcher? Look at it. It's amazing. The gold dipped feathers, the beading and the lace just make me swoon. I purchased it here. I love that it is handmade. I choose the colors myself for the feathers and beading.  

Overall this gallery wall just melts my heart melt when I walk into their room. It could be a complete disaster in there and I just look at this and breathe. Home decor does that to me. 

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