Kabrita Review

We received Kabrita products to review from Mom's Meet. All opinions are our own. 

When we were asked to review Kabrita products and I first saw goat milk I was a little taken back. I'm all for natural products and different solutions but I honestly hadn't ever considered goat milk. However my mind was completely changed when my daughter, Adlee, took right to the products. When I say "took to the products" I mean she sucked a Kabrita goat milk yogurt and fruit packet down in seconds. She loved it and instantly wanted more! 

First of all, what is Kabrita?

Kabrita provides goat milk formula and products that is easy to digest and non-GMO. They are products that could be good for children who have cow milk sensitivities although not confirmed on cow milk allergies. 

Kabrita provides a solution that is safe, effective and nutritious. This is a convenient option to homemade goat milk recipes. I don't know about you, but I'm all about the convenience of items with three kids! 

Kabrita's goat milk formula is made with 22 vitamins and minerals including folic acid, DHA, ARA and iron. There are no antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors in Kabrita products! 

Their goats are raised on family farms in the Netherlands and graze on natural, fresh grasses. 

Let's talk about the goat milk yogurt and fruit because that was most definitely Adlee's favorite product! 

There is no added sugar or water to these products---thank goodness! I'm a mom that prefers no added sugar. We aren't a sugar free household but we are very sugar conscious. 

These packets contain a good source of vitamins C, D & E as well as fiber and protein. They are easy to use and an easy way to get good nutrition to your little one. 

You can get your own sample of Kabrita products by visiting HERE.  

The burning question...would we buy these products?

Yes. Adlee loved them and when looking up the nutrition benefits they are very beneficial to our growing girl.

You can get 20% off your purchase at kabritaUSA.com with the code MM2016. Offer ends June 30th, 2016.

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