Making Ripples

So many times in life we make that mental decision to go through our days carefully. We don't want to make a mess among the mess we already feel life has given us. know what I'm talking about. I look around my home daily and wonder how I will ever have a clean home. Having three kids 4 and under has definitely created our space to be more cluttered and crazy than tidy and neat. 

But it's not just the actual messes of stuff

It's all of that messes that can happen. The friendships. The relationships. The words. The obstacles. The dreams. The finances. The let downs. The disappointments. The hurt. The love. The unknown. 

We walk lightly hoping to not cause a ripple effect. Hoping that if we don't stir up one mess we won't create more. 

It's like putting on rain boots and tip toeing through the puddles. The rain boots protect us from the mess of the water and mud and tip toeing allows us to go carefully through without causing splashes and those ripples that could cause more mess.

But those ripples are important. 

Those ripples serve purpose. 

Those ripples are the wavelengths in which you can share and spread love, spread kindness, spread faith and yes, sometimes spread messes. But those messes actually connect us with others. 

We aren't perfect and we weren't meant to be. By tip toeing through the puddles we miss out on the chance to be real, be ourselves, be used for His greater good. We miss out on touching other's hearts and helping them in ways we sometimes do not even realize. 

Can I challenge you? 

Can you take off those rain boots?

Do you dare step barefooted into the puddles of life?

Do you dare to make ripples or dare I say splashes that could cause messes but could also give you and others purpose, connection, love or life?

It's not easy. 

Those that share loudly, those that decide to jump into the puddles are ones that have the ability to influence and change lives, but they also put themselves out there for ridicule and judgement. 

Here is what I know...

I would rather shout to the world and share all parts of my life including the messiness, make a few enemies and put myself out there for all that I am giving myself the best opportunity to connect and share His great love and grace through me than live tip toeing in my rain boots through the puddles. 

And who knows...once you start jumping in those puddles making big splashes what kind of joy in your purpose are you going to find?

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