New Name---New Look---New Posts---Same Person

It's still me. Sitting at my table. Writing. Editing. Researching. 

Things have taken a turn and my domain was no longer available to me under my own name. I guess my belief that there was only one of me on this planet full of billions of individuals was completely false. 

I was quite disappointed that I couldn't keep my domain, however my husband and I had been talking a blog redesign for awhile now. It's been something I wanted to do to gear it towards our life now and sharing parts of our life that we know others could deeply benefit from. 

My word for the year is intentional. Intentional living is not easy. It's full of growth which means it is also full of pain and putting to rest many selfish tendencies. You heart hurts a lot through the growth of intentional living but with the pain has come the realization that my heart has grown. 

I am wanting to focus this blog on things that are important to me. 

A lot of what has become intentional to me is the products that we use and buy in our everyday life. We are going chemical free in our home. I'm going to focus on our love of Young Living essential oils, DIY ideas to get rid of toxin filled products in your home, reviews and break downs of products that we can buy from make-up, to diapers, to food. 

We've also really began to focus on our diet. Not dieting. Just our diet in general. With that will come recipes that are healthy, nutritious and good. I won't share it unless it's tasty! 

The "crunch" part of this blog refers to the way we are making switching in our home to healthy, more natural, more green ways. 

And I am SO excited to share all of this with you! 

Home decor. DIY posts for products to make your home pretty. Maybe some homemaking tips if I can muster enough energy to even put them to work around my own home. Let's face it. I love to decorate and I get a lot of questions on where I buy things for my home or how I make certain items.

While we are talking about shopping and home buys, let's consider budget. I'll be talking about that too. We live on a small budget and I am also going to dive into tips and tricks on how we live daily on a smaller income. 

And most importantly I will always write my heart on motherhood and the immense amount of faith that grows in me daily as I journey with the three littles that God has placed in my husband and I's life. 

Without God, without His unfailing love, support and grace...I would not be where I am today. Therefore my faith will always be an integral part of my blog. 

I hope you are all excited! This is a change that I wasn't expecting to make but instead of basking in my disappointment I am going to take this opportunity to grow and evolve and run with it. 

Welcome to Faith & Crunch. 

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