6 years.

6 years.

6 years ago my husband and I stood together in a super short but perfect ceremony where we vowed our lives to one another.

The one word that I have to describe how I feel about those 6 years is grateful.

I am grateful that I am able to stand beside this amazing, godly man and do life with him.

I am grateful that he pushes me to achieve whatever I want to go after. My dreams are just as important to him as his own dreams.

I am grateful that he works hard in a somewhat stressful position at times to provide for our family of five.

I am grateful that he doesn't mind how much I detest housework and that I would rather create and write rather than scrub a toilet or keep up with the laundry.

I am grateful that I am married to a man who is reliable, responsible, faithful and fun. I can always count on him for everything including a good laugh.

I am grateful that he understands my dry sense of humor that includes a huge helping of sarcasm. Beyond that he actually thinks I am funny.

I am grateful that with him we've created three of the most adorable, hilarious, happy children. You are welcome world.

I am grateful that even though he doesn't have a history of knowledge in home renovations and projects he is happy to learn when I decide to add another project to the list.

I am grateful that I am married to a man who prays for me. He prays for our kids. He prays. I am grateful that he prays.

I am grateful that he waited for me and that he choose me. He'll argue I choose him and he got lucky, but I feel like the lucky one. I mean, he was pretty oblivious at the beginning. I kind of just dove right in and didn't give him much of an option to refuse me but he sure didn't put up much of a fight.

In life, in motherhood and in marriage I have learned that being grateful goes a long way. In our world today with crazy, unrealistic expectations thrown in our face we can make ourselves painfully unhappy very quickly. It can ruin marriages, ruin lives.

Being grateful allows us to see how good the life God has given us truly is. It allows us to see the good. 

We aren't perfect. I'm not perfect. My husband is not perfect. We are all flawed in some way or another. If we focus on the flaws and never allow ourselves to be grateful for the attributes that allow us to shine then we will eventually find ourselves in a deep, dark pit of constant dissatisfaction.

It's been a good six years of marriage. A good six years of life. A good six years of being grateful. 

Thank you for giving me your last six years, husband. I pray for sixty more.

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