Take the Plunge into Essential Oils!

If you've visited my blog, follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook you all know how much I love my Young Living essential oils. I don't say it lightly when I say they have changed the way we do life around here. 

Before I get to the awesome details of the Premium Starter Kit I wanted to give you my essential oils backstory because many do not know I've been using them for 19 months or the experiences that I went through with them. 

Back in November of 2014 I ordered my Premium Starter Kit. It was a huge investment for us. We do not just have $160 laying around. I'm a budgeting crazy lunatic who loves nice things at cheap prices. True story. So when I ordered it I was both excited and having signs of an anxiety attack as I saw the charge on my credit card appear. 

My kit arrived. It sat there in all it's wondrous glory. Now what?

We first began using Lavender and Peace & Calming (which was in the kit in 2014) because we have little ones and those two are incredible for sleep, something I daydreamed about at the time. I was scared to touch Frankincense because of it's high price tag. Lemon went quickly as did Peppermint for some head tension and nausea I was experiencing. However I did not use my kit to its' fullest potential. I was a little frightened to get hooked and have to reorder at prices I didn't think were in our budget. 

Our Lavender ran out very quickly. Being the Amazon queen I am I jumped on there and read reviews for days about different Lavender essential oils. I bought a bottle at a very cheap price. I got what I paid for. Sure it smelled like Lavender, but not near as strong as my Young Living bottle did. Once I began doing a ton of research on quality control I knew why. It wasn't all Lavender oil in there and I didn't want to chance using it on my kids so I tossed it. 

A year after buying my kit I finally decided to jump with both feet in and make larger refill purchases plus start sharing Young Living. I haven't looked back. Young Living has changed us as a family. It has changed our health. It has changed our home. We are eliminating chemicals constantly. Simplifying life. Learning how to DIY tons of products in our house. It's a lifestyle and it is one that I find joy in. 

Essential oils have helped us with so many things from a teething baby including diaper rashes to laundry detergent to cleaning our home to hormone imbalance to a natural solution for bug spray and so much more. My list grows almost on a daily basis as I continue to learn and research how to use our essential oils. 

This Premium Starter Kit that is 10% off today only is the best way to get started. You get 11 oils that are some of the BEST to get started with plus a diffuser. It's already discounted but with the additional discount it's $144 for a value of over $300. 

I like to share about Young Living but it isn't something I bring up in conversation when I meet up with friends in person unless they ask me. Now social media...I'm all over that! Why? Because I know how amazing they are and I don't want to push them on anyone to make them feel like they are anything short of amazing. I know they work. I know the quality. Today, I really want to shout it to everyone about this amazing deal but I'll just post it here.

Plus if you decide to take the plunge today into the world of essential oils I'll throw in a free Orange Vitality oil as my gift to you! 

Sign up here or email me if you have questions at shelbeykendall@gmail.com . 

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