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It's ending the very end of summer but we can't end it without talking about the very best swim outfit I've ever put on my son.

I'm a very protective mother when it comes to sun care and my children. I've researched sunscreen until my eyes were blurry from reading all the articles plastered online. I knew with Bryson a rash guard was an absolute must. However my kid's heads...well I'll just say 100th percentile.

Those rash guards you buy at the store are incredibly hard to pull over Bryson's head. I have even made him cry a few times trying to get them on. True story.

Enter Swim Zip.

I love this company.

1) They are all about sun protection.

2) These rash guards are genius with the zipper. Easy on. Easy off.

3) Cute options!

I love shopping for kid's clothes and love that there are cool looking options for my kids.

Bryson loves his Swim Zip. He especially loves that I don't have to pull something tight and small over his humongous head. I can't be the only mom that has made a kid cry over a rash guard, right?

I haven't been able to find a rash guard like theirs anywhere. I've looked. Most people know me. They know when I search for something, I dig deep.

These are simply perfect if you are in the market for a rash guard.

Thank you SwimZip for creating something my child loves and I adore too!

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