Because Legos are Life...

I've been watching for a few deals on Legos to stock up for Bryson's Christmas gifts because we are officially in the "Lego stage". Pray for my feet.

I snagged a few good deals over at Amazon and figured I'd share because in case you didn't know Amazon is awesome.

Pictured above is a pretty cool fire truck. We are really into those vehicles right now and this one even has a sweet ladder that extends. It is currently going for $13.43. It normally retails for $19.99. So pretty sweet deal .

This Lego Garbage Truck is going for $14.39 and also retails for $19.99. We also love garbage trucks around here. All the kids flock to the window on trash day. True story. 

Then you have this Lego Space Shuttle which is pretty awesome. I'd build it and I don't even really care for Legos that much. It is going for $17.19 and retails for $24.99. 

If you go on Amazon in the search bar just type "Lego City". There are some amazing deals to be had on that particular "set" of Legos. 

Happy Christmas shopping! <3

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