DIY Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

You all.

I preach chemical free almost every single day, but I'm human. I'm flawed. I have guilty indulgences where I cheat on my chemical free lifestyle with my Texturizing Sea Salt spray.

Hair is so hard for me.

And finally my bottle of Sea Salt spray was totally depleted. Not even a drop left and I knew that I would either have to go out and spend another $5 buying a bottle OR figure out a way to make my own.

I wasn't going to be at the store for a few days and did I mention I'm addicted to this stuff? My hair is so, so flat. I just want that added texture to it so I use Sea Salt spray daily.

So the DIY route it was....

Did I mention this stuff was cheaper? Because, duh. It's DIY and awesome.

What you need

7.5 ounces of hot water.
2 tablespoons of epsom salt.
1 tsp of Himalayan Pink salt.
2 tsps of Aloe Vera.
10 drops Cedarwood.
5 drops Rosemary.
5 drops Ylang Ylang.

What to do.

Put everything in an 8 ounce spray bottle.

Shake it all up real good.


DIY Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Spray.

Did I mention it smells fantastic?

Did I also mention how good Cedarwood and Rosemary is for your hair?! Can you say hair growth? Hair strength? Hair health?

Why Ylang Ylang?

Ladies...if you aren't using Ylang Ylang you are doing a major disservice to your husband. (wink, wink).

Yes, that "wink, wink" meant what you think it meant.

If you aren't wanting Ylang Ylang....try Geranium or Lavender. Both of those are also amazing for healthy hair and give a fun floral smell with the Cedarwood and Rosemary.

Want to learn more about how you can jump into essential oils?

Check out this post here.

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