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This last weekend our older two went on a little trip with my parents and we were left with just one, the baby. And by the baby I mean the 15 month old that acts like she can do all the things a 5 year old can do because clearly she has absorbed the finite skills her big brother has so she can easily accomplish whatever she feels she is up to the task to do.

That included climbing up the ladder onto brother's loft bed.

Impressed I was, but not impressed in the way she wanted me to be.

Down she went. Door closed. Teenage sized fit thrown.

It was lovely.

The truth is, I still see all of my kids as babies. Even the one labeled as "the baby" shouldn't be old enough to be running, to be screaming for suckers, to be climbing on top of anything she can get a limb up on.

Everyone tells you when you have kids that you will blink and they will be off at college.

You casually roll your eyes and nod your head in agreement, but the passing of time doesn't truly make sense until those babies are placed in your arms.

Then some days it feels like they will be a certain, terror of an age forever.

Then you look over at your son who just came home from his first day of Kindergarten and the tears well up in your eyes as you picture him in a cap and gown graduating high school and leaving you.

Mommas...our emotions will be everywhere for every moment of our lives.

Sorry husbands. You created the mess too so just deal.

The truth is they do grow fast.

The truth is the days are slow but the years fly by.

The truth is those annoying little pieces of advice you received from older moms while your baby grew beautifully in your tummy or grew wonderfully elsewhere while your arms waited impatiently...are vividly correct.

I get it now.

And now I feel like the "old mom" who gives out the annoying advice to mommas-to-be.

But ladies...it's TRUE.

You know how Facebook loves to remind you of the days that have been?

Those reminders are precious to me.


Because I can't always remember the baby curls and chunky thighs that adorned my now 5 year old son. I don't even know how he is already five.

How did 5 years really go by?

Most days I feel like my life has been put on some fast forward mode and I'm trying to catch up while trying to remember and soak in all at the same time.

It's exhausting.

Take photos. Post them everywhere so social media can remind you of those days you will soon forget. Let others be judgmental if they wish to be, but share your life so your life can be re-shared with you later on.

If you would visit my home you would find photos on almost every single wall. I decorate with memories, with smiles, with moments of time we'll never get back but can revisit every day by just glancing in a picture frame.

You could say photos are my life, but in truth my life is in those photos and I love knowing that I am surrounded by the smiling faces of my children at every age they have experienced.

So again, take those photos. Put them up everywhere. Be reminded of how sweet your life is with the loved ones in it.

And it's okay to be the annoying mom that says "Blink and your babies will be all grown up."

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