The Premium Starter Kit: Let's Break It Down

Have a Premium Starter Kit? Want a Premium Starter Kit? Confused of why you would want a Premium Starter Kit?

Let's break it down.

Who wants to sleep better?

Boost their immunity?

Have a solution for everyday stress?

Want a natural solution for feeling better after you work out?

Feel less congested during the nasty season?

Breathe better?

Replace nasty chemicals in their home?

That's just some starter questions...

This kit is packed with power. Seriously.

First of all you get a diffuser.

What is a diffuser? Some fancy humidifier? Well...I mean, it is a humidifier but a diffuser is one of the most amazing ways to benefit everyone who enters your home with essential oils.

A diffuser is a fun little machine that most effectively disperses essential oils in your home so that the therapeutic benefits of the oils stay in tact! True story. It's a cool mist. Thank goodness for that. Do you know how many times my 18 month old or 36 year old has knocked it over? Yeah.

It is a humidifier because it is putting water in the air.

A diffuser breaks down the essential oils into micro molecules and then fills the air with them. As those oils break down around you they freshen the air (hello heavenly scents!), remove odors, improve the quality of the air and provide those health benefits that you get from smelling them!

In short, you need a diffuser.

Next up ELEVEN powerhouse oils.

Yes, I said ELEVEN.

Talk about an amazing amount of natural resources!

You get...


Lavender is known as the Swiss Army knife of essential oils. In other words, it can do it all. We go through so much Lavender in this house. For real. I just want to slather everyone in it. So how can you use Lavender?

Diffuse. Hello peaceful slumber. Hello calming nerves. Goodbye seasonal sniffles. Goodbye anxiety.

Apply topically. Hello soothed and beautiful skin. Hello once again to fantastic sleep. Goodbye scrapes and cuts. Goodbye painful sunburn. Goodbye baby booty rash.

You can also put a drop of Lavender in your mascara for healthy, thick, long lashes. Yes please!

Young Living's Lavender is super STRONG. It takes 27 square feet of Lavender to make a 15 ml bottle. You open the bottle and you can smell that field. It's pure. It's potent. It's amazing.

Lemon Vitality. 

First off this is not lemon juice. Lemon essential oils comes from the rind and it's powerful. It takes 75 lemons to make a 15 ml bottle of this fresh smelling stuff.

Lemon supports your digestive, lymphatic and immune systems.

Add it to your water or to a vegetable capsule to help detox your body naturally.

It helps with seasonal support as well. Yes! Diffuse this with some Lavender and add some Peppermint in there.

Using lemon can help maintain focus and energy.

I obviously need to take some because my focus is all over the place with organizing my lemon thoughts! ;)

Peppermint Vitality. 

Oh Peppermint. Let me take a fantastic whiff of your amazing, energizing self.

Peppermint is fantastic. It has a very earthy smell which is what you want in peppermint. Real peppermint is not distilled for a sugared up candy cane people!

Peppermint is highly regarded and widely known as amazing support for digestion. One drop of peppermint essential oil is as strong as 26 cups of peppermint tea. Chew on that for a second.

What are some uses for Peppermint?

It can help curb your appetite, give you an energy boost, aid in digestion, help with your body's natural response to irritation, help with nausea, relieve head tension, help with seasonal support and it smells fantastic diffused. Actually diffusing it can help you rid your home of ants and other buggy pests. I did that this summer. WARNING: too much peppermint in your diffuser may also rid your home of you. :)

I told you it was strong.


This fantastic oil may be one of the most popular because of where people have heard of it from. Yes, baby Jesus, you were gifted one of the best.

Frankincense was valued more than gold in ancient times and for good reason, it's an oil that is very powerful. From helping with anxiety to making your skin amazing to boosting your immunity...this oil is full of potential to bring your health to the next level.

It is known as a holy anointing oil. Breathing it in instantly makes me feel calmer. Yes, oils can work that way. It's called the limbic lobe which is affected by what we smell. Look it up. Your mind will be blown.

This oil is also known to help with your focus. I like to put a drop on my forehead. It grounds me, focuses me and calms me---all in one.

Frankincense is known to help with pretty much every single skin issue. Just slather some Frankincense on it and you are good to go. This includes scars. What?! Yes. Everything.

Copaiba Vitality.

What is Copaiba? Yeah...I wondered the same thing. But Copaiba is a very powerful oil that is South America known to help with digestion and support the body's natural response to irritation and injury.

It is also known as a magnifier? What does that mean? Add a drop of this to another oil and it magnifies those properties. What? Yes. Crazy but honestly I'm not surprised. Oils amaze me every single day.

This oil is known to help with overall wellness and help your gut (which I think almost everyone on an American diet needs anyway!). So drink up buttercup. Put this in your tea or water and get the benefits of Copaiba.

For all you mommas this one saved us during teething. Did you notice that I said supports the body's natural response to irritation. Rub that stuff on baby's gums and hello silent night (especially if you are diffusing Lavender!).

Thieves Vitality. 

Yes, this oil is called Thieves. Yes, like a thief. Why?

Thieves was created from research of a group of 15th-century thieves who robbed the bodies of the dead or the dying. The robbers rubbed oil and spices on themselves to boost their immune system. When they were caught for a more lenient punishment they handed over the formula.

This blend is incredible, amazing immune support. In fact this oil is the one that sold me on the power of ALL essential oils.

Thieves contributes to overall wellness from environmental threats. Hello child in school...let me spray you down with Thieves. Ick!

Thieves purifies and disinfects (there is an entire line of Thieves included the Thieves Cleaner which I HIGHLY recommend!).

Thieves supports healthy gums and teeth. Yes, there is a toothpaste, mouthwash and floss.

You will fall in love with Thieves too. I guarantee it.


Just like the name this oil is known to purify the air. It eliminates odors and freshens the air around you. I could diffuse this all day long in my son's bedroom. Oh the smells of boys!

What else can you use it for?

Bug spray. This stuff is magic for a DIY bug spray so you have a natural, chemical free option. Mix some witch hazel, water and some drops of this together in a glass spray bottle and you are good to go. Not to mention you won't smell like all that funky bug spray from the store (we won't even dig into those chemicals).

Add this to your wool dryer balls to freshen your laundry.

Soak your pet's collar in some Purification and water. A natural way to repel those pesky bugs!

You can also diffuse this during the times the air is filled with seasonal junk. Rid your home's air of it so you can breathe better!


This oil is super popular for good reason. It is good for congestion. You know...we are in that time of the year where everyone is coming down with something.

Dilute and apply or diffuse.

This blend helps you breathe better so it is also good for those of you who exercise. I'm not saying I don't but I truly can't say I am a regular. ;)


Speaking of working out or not working out or whatever it is you do...

Panaway is amazing for muscle support.

This is a unique blend that has a stimulating smell. It combines Wintergreen, Helichrysm, Clove and Peppermint essential oils. It smells fantastic!

Do you remember those candy cigarettes as a kid that you pretended you really were using like real cigarettes to pretend you looked cool?.....Just me? smells like that! It's the Wintergreen and Peppermint and maybe the Clove. Whatever it is...I love it and it supports any body soreness I may have naturally.

Since my working out is rare I get some intense soreness afterwards. I love Panaway for that and I love it for head tension.

You can also dilute it and apply on your kids for growing discomfort and pains!

Digize Vitality. 

Digize = Digestive System. Pretty obvious name, huh?

It smells to the high heavens in my opinion but it works in minutes. Food is my weakness therefore my gut does not thank me. However my gut thanks my use of Digize when I need it.

This is one of Young Living's exclusive blends. It combines Ginger, Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Lemongrass, Patchouli and Juniper essential oils.

It helps support healthy elimination (that was put together all pretty, right?), supports any times you are uncomfortable with motion and travel, promotes normal detoxification of the body and overall helps your digestion system.

Stress Away. 

Melt your stress away with this fantastic blend. But seriously. I inhale this on the daily.

It's a blend that is created to help with your everyday stress and tension. And I'm pretty sure every single person I know needs it.

Rub it all over. Diffuse it all the time.

Some people use this as their perfume. It does smell fantastic.

You can also use it on anxious pets. My mom has one of those. She used to be my dog and I may have instilled some anxious tendencies in her early on. I probably should gift her a bottle of Stress Away. Sorry pup.

That concludes all eleven oils.

Yes, you get all of those.....

BUT for December you also get a free Christmas Spirit gifted to you!


Yes. Young Living is so nice.

Christmas Spirit is a blend that invokes the spirit of Christmas of course. Read the name. But seriously...we love this blend. It does smell like Christmas and also smells fantastic in a sugar scrub if you think DIY is your thing. It's mine. I like to share about it too.

So yes, you get ALL OF THIS in the Premium Starter Kit plus a few extras like sample bottles, NingXia Red packets to try (an overall health and wellness drink made with NingXia's fantastic! CHILL IT before you drink it), a roller fillament, some sample packets and a membership to Young Living which gives you 24% off all of your future purchases.

It's an easy yes people.

This kit is a must have in every single home.

You get so much support for you and your family with this kit.

It's $160.

How much did you pay last time you had to take your kid to the doctor because their immunities weren't boosted? Or how much did you pay for that medicine to help with your anxiety? Or how much time are you losing out to awful sleep?

I seriously could ask these questions all day. The point is...get this kit.

You will be AMAZED at what it can do for you and your family.

Not only do you get this kit, but you get me and my awesome community of Live J(oil)fully peeps. I run an amazing Facebook usage group where we talk about essential oils, I do giveaways (because I love ya!) and you can ask questions. You get SUPPORT on your oily journey. That's free and priceless.


You should be.

Sign up HERE today and get that kit shipped directly to you.

Make sure you check "member" because you will officially be a Young Living member.

What does that mean? Hello discounts and freebies. Enough said.


Email me at

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