Deodorize and Refresh Your Mattress

How many times have you cleaned your mattress?

Let me sit over here in the corner of shame because I can't even remember cleaning a mattress.

It didn't bother me until I started reading up how incredibly gross our mattress can get over time. Dead skin cells. Dust mites. Bacteria. Fungal spores. Pollen. Secretions and Excretions of the I have your attention now?!

I am seriously grossed out.

However it is super, super simple to deodorize and refresh that nasty mattress. You bet I did this when I changed the sheets on the bed! In fact the entire reason I thought about this was because I bought new sheets and a new comforter and thought it would be best if the whole bed felt new. And then cleaning the mattress turned into finding out some really nasty things about that mattress and I knew I couldn't sleep on it again until I had cleaned it. I many times have you had a child pee in your bed? Or woke up next to a sweaty husband? Or shedded  a ton of skin cells?...

Just. Saying.

Again, this is SIMPLE. You'll be doing this every time you wash your sheets.

What you need...

-1-2 cups of baking soda
-A Kitchen Sifter
-Essential Oils (I used Purification, Tea Tree and Lavender)

Put the baking soda in a glass jar with a lid, drop 10-20 drops of essential oil in there of your choosing, shake it up!

Grab your sifter and pour the baking soda mix through it as you move the sifter over your mattress.

Let it sit for around 2 hours.

Vacuum it all up!

Enjoy the fresh smell of your newly deodorized and refreshed mattress!

Easy. Peasy.

Need to get some essential oils? Head over HERE to see the best way to get started!
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