Perfect Bar Minis Review

We were chosen by Moms Meet  to review Perfect Bar Minis. We receive the bars for free for our honest review and opinion.  

These actually came at a perfect time for us because we had been strggling with healthy, quick breakfast ideas that my husband could take to work with him and that I could eat since sometimes as a mom you forget breakfast all together in the chaos of the morning madness. 

Perfect Bar began as a family recipe with a dad who desired to find something that was truly healthy with the best sources of nutrition. The recipe was taken by the kids when their dad passed away and turned their dad's recipe into the business of Perfect Bar. 

What makes Perfect Bars an amazing source of nutrition?

Check the ingredient list. 

If there is one thing I have learned on our journey of wellness including ridding our home of toxic always, always, always read the ingredient list because labels on the front don't always mean everything. 

You will find a lot of natural ingredients such as almond or peanut butter, organic honey and dried superfood powders. There are no chemical preservatives, overly-processed ingredients or emulsifiers...which is why this bar is found in the refrigerated section and must be kept in the fridge in your home. 

You can take them out of the fridge for on the go! They can be out of the fridge for one week but if longer than that the ingredients in the bar begin to separate and the optimal consistency and quality can be lost. 

They are gluten free, soy free including being produced in a gluten and soy free kitchen. 

We were given several of their flavors to try but the Peanut Butter and Almond Butter minis were the main ones for this review. 

The taste is AMAZING. It's true that some products that are out there make you compromise taste for health, but not in this case. Perfect Bars truly are perfect. 

We enjoyed these so much and plan on making a purchase to have more of these in our home. 

You can find out more here:

And the photo below was the bar I enjoyed the most paired with my morning coffee...


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